Jason Powell



"The World is a Possibility If Only You'll Discover It"

- Ralph Ellison

Jason Powell is an Author and New York City Firefighter. When he isn't at the firehouse or at a desk, he can be found in the city with his back pack filled with snacks, water, a notebook and a novel. Born the youngest of 9 kids, his household of eleven people taught him to appreciate alone time and sweet escapes. He has found there is no better place to escape to than in between the covers of a book. Join him there. Here.

Desk with Book

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No Man's Ghost       
A Novel

Alan took a step back and sighed. They had been in this apartment for three years. Obviously, there were some bad memories but there were good ones too. Great ones, even. Everywhere he looked there was something that he could trace back to a fond memory. Much of it was now on the floor and/or covered in gasoline but still, he’d be crazy to go through with this. Burn his own home down? He closed his eyes and sighed again. His mind went blank. Then he opened them, reached out with the roll of paper towels and touched it to the flame.


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