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Jason Powell


Say Hi In Nashville

Are you going to this years Bouchercon? Let Jason know so you guys can meet up and grab a drink. His treat!


Rerelease Coming Soon!

No Man's Ghost

Jason Powell's Debut Novel, book one of an upcoming series, is a fiction thriller that tells the story of probationary firefighter Charles Davids, during his first week out of the academy; and Alan Johnson, an angry and unstable man whose vendetta against his soon to be ex-wife threatens to make Charles' first week, also his last. Available through Datura Books Spring 2025.


"The World is a Possibility If Only You'll Discover It"

- Ralph Ellison

Jason Powell is an Author and New York City Firefighter. When he isn't at the firehouse or at a desk, he can be found in the city with his back pack filled with snacks, water, a notebook and a novel. Born the youngest of 9 kids, his household of eleven people taught him to appreciate alone time and sweet escapes. He has found there is no better place to escape to than in between the covers of a book. Join him there. Here.

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